Ruby-Debug to the rescue

No matter how hard you work on your code, at some point you’ll have to use a debugger. For rails, the most painful part of all the development process is debugging. Well it was up until now, but thanks to ruby-debug and its integration with aptana, I can debug my code just as fast as any other development environment.
Before I used ruby-debug, it was simply not possible to use the debuggers that comes with aptana or komodo ide. They are so slow that you find yourself pulling your hair. I have seen many posts saying that you don’t need a debugger so often when using rails, but I can’t say I agree. I want my debugger!
All I had to do was to type gem install ruby-debug-ide and change a configuration in aptana. Now I have debugging at a speed that does not make me think about suicide.
And to make it work in ubuntu (if you get errors during ruby-debug-ide installation), use : sudo apt-get install ruby1.8-dev

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