What good is open source when you can not compile it?

Ok, this is a rant, so be prepared to hear some whining. I have spent almost two days trying to compile Apache Axis2, for I needed a java web services solution. I could have used the latest binaries, but the problem is there is a bug in the eclipse plugin source, and IF I can get my hands on the plugin sources, I can fix it.

I won’t get into story of my frustration, but let me tell you this. At the moment, the latest downloads of Apache Axis2 can not be compiled using the instructions in the bundle. I have failed to find other instructions, and I had to switch to Metro. It is really interesting that such a well known project is not providing a source bundle which you can compile by following instructions. Some of the subdirectories (like the eclipse plugin dir) contains instructions which use maven1, and the main readme uses maven2.

I’m sorry but I simply do not have the time to dig into all source tree and maven. I just want to get an eclipse plugin source tree so that I can work on it. Maybe I am too stupid for Apache Axis, but I simply can not do it. I hate this when it happens, and it happens from time to time, but I did not expect this in Apache Axis2. You can check for my posts in axis mail list, which have not reached a solution.

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