I want an IRex Iliad

Yes I do. I am about to go crazy because of all the books and documents I have to carry around, and I can not read from the screen. I have to read from paper, otherwise I feel very uncomfortable with what I’m trying to read. I have to carry around a couple of books, a large number of papers etc, for I can not know when I’ll have that spare time to work on something. As I work on my main PhD subject, the amount of books and papers I keep getting back to, increases exponentially. The laptop is not a solution because of the battery life, screen display and more important than that, the ergonomics.

Iliad is the ultimate device that I’ve been drooling over for quite some time now, and Its features are far beyond kindle in my humble opinion. The problem is, the price tag is around 600-700 dollars, and that’s simply too high for me know.  I’ve probably contributed to destruction of Amazon forests more than anyone else around, since my best friend is an HP Laserjet printer these days.

In case you feel the urge to buy a very nice present to some guy you do not know,  just let me know.

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