Ok, I’m an idiot, better get used to it

The requirement is simple: download Apache Axis sources, and compile them. According to web page that gives you the link to source files, all you have to do is to setup Maven, and use it to compile Axis from sources.

In case you want to open the source with Eclipse, you need to use Maven again, and that’s also a single line comment in a web page. Looking at this, you first feel happy about it: this should be quite easy, right? Not if you are an idiot, which is what I am appearently!

I do “exactly” what the web pages and readme.txt says, and I fail. The project can not compile due to tests failing, and when I open the project in Eclipse, I get a lot of errors, related to directory structure.  I’ve spent countless hours because of missing little details, but this time I guess I have the right to demand a little bit better documentation. I’ll admit that I’m an idiot, so providing an idiot proof documentation for compiling Axis would be good at least for me.

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