One minute rant about Facebook!

Ok, will write this and go back to coding a Facebook app. Facebook, why on earth do you claim that you are giving an API to developers? There are so many quirks that one has to deal when building Facebook app, that you feel like there is a camera hidden somewhere in th office, and Facebook staff is laughing at you while watching you suffer.

The ajax infrastructure does something with the calls, so that your servers receive an ajax request three or four seconds later. If your server needs to get a piece of information (like friends of someone), than you can add another 3-4 seconds (at best). How can I claim that ajax improves user experience when a call takes 15 seconds? There is no surprise so many people are using iframe apps.

Now if you excuse me, I have to re-write some code that took almost 8 hours to write in the first place. All that time is gone to make sure that Facebook ajax functionality can not cover my requirements, which is a very, very basic case of ajax. I hate dealing with other people’s code, and software development has become almost all about it lately. Ok, ranting is over, time to code…

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