Explain this to me please

I’ve just fixed a problem with a Thomson 580 Speedtouch adsl modem/router. The problem is, the web gui does not save any settings you’ve done, and even though applying them works, if you restart the modem for any of the bazillion reasons, like power outage, angry girlfriend, choked embedded code on modem, you say goodbye to all your settings.

The question is : “How on earth can you release a product without testing this functionality?”. Did not anyone bother to check if the web interface actually saves the settings?

The solution by the way, is to use telnet to issue a few commands and save the settings again via telnet commands. I am shocked that this is a product that is produced by a supply chain. Here you go, a wireless modem that has the memory of a gold fish, hope you’ll enjoy it. If I’d done something like this, my clients would probably kill me, if they could get to me before I commit suicide due to embaresment.

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