Mobile web development, not attractive for Microsoft anymore?

I’ve build a mobile web site a while ago, which provided xhtml based access to an e-commerce site. I’ve done the development with 2005, and when I migrated to 2008, I decided to move that project into new

Guess what,  mobile web form designer features are gone. They’ve been gone from 2005 with sp1 for 2005, but designer support simply does not exist for 2008

I guess the general approach to mobile web development is to consider it as a moving target, which will eventually merge with the not-mobile web. New mobile devices and new mobile browsers, especially IPhone and Safari on it is quite capable, it can even run a tricky google web toolkit site I’ve build a while ago. Apperantly MS is just passing the effort for mobile web development, and waiting for the devices to catch up. Meanwhile, there are existing projects, like mine,  which have to maintained. I am not happy about keeping the whole 2005 ide just because of a single project. 2008 sp1 does not seem to change much either. Come on MS, give my designer back.

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