Mobile 3G, the biggest lie of all

Ok, this blog has been a place of ranting for the last couple of days, but I won’t keep this one inside: my 3 mobile connection is terrible. Others using Vodafone, T-Mobile etc has not mentioned about any positive experiences either.

It appears the mobile operators are enjoying the huge amount of customers buying mobile broadband(!), but are not keen to invest for proper infrastructure to provide the advertised speeds. So far the best my connection has given me is about 30-40 kbs/sec, and that’s when everybody else goes to sleep. 90% of the time however my connection is around 6-10 kbs/sec. Yes, kilobytes! I have not been using such a slow connection since what, 1996?

In case you are planning to get any of these things, think again! On the other hand, the performance of mobile phones is clearly better. I can see people watching videos over their phones, and they do not even have the latest and greatest technogy that we are supposed to have. This makes me think that the operators are capping mobile 3g connections. I wonder what yould happen if a sim card sold in a phone would work in a mobile usb modem?