JRuby team gone, who is next?

Oracle’s acquisition of Sun is having minor bumps, and in the process is making what would happen anyway happen faster. Cryptic? Well, how about this: JRuby team has left Sun. Their work was important, quite important actually. I’ve done some Ruby work before, of course starting with Ruby on Rails projects and after that some db utilities. I found out that scalability was the most important issue, and these guys were doing a great job with JRuby, so that ROR could run on Java. Java means scalability (among many other good and bad things).

Now they are gone to a rails company. I’m curious about the future of many other small but critical projects. Oracle is probably going to kill them all, and IBM won’t hesitate to increase the tension around Java related stuff since Oracle is a bigger enemy than Sun. We’ll end up losing valuable assets at the end.  Good luck to JRuby guys, and thanks for all of their great work.