Who would be the perfect commander at war?

Orson Scott Card’s well known work: Ender’s Game, is answering this question. I won’t give you the details, since I really do not like any spoilers about books. You should read it and see if for yourself, however, I have to say that Scott makes some terrifying points in his book. One can’t help remembering The Lord of The Flies, but this book overlaps with Golding’s work only in some aspects of the depiction of human nature. There is technology, but it is not revealed much till the end of the book, and I’ve realized that I like a little bit of more science in sci-fi! Having finished it just an hour ago, I need to think a little bit more about this book, but I can recommend it (like others tens of thousands of readers) wholeheartedly. I somehow managed to read openings of at least three or more different trilogies, and now have to decide which ones to finish.