Book update: Spin by Robert Charles Wilson

Imagine looking at the sky in a summer night. All the stars in the air, and suddenly, they are all gone, as if somebody turned the lights of the universe.

This is all the spoiler I’m going to give about Spin. As human beings we are capable of adopting to so many things. The hole in the ozone layer, hunger in Africa, wars, you name it. Spin is a good book since it depicts a realistic picture of humanity’s potential response to something as impossible and as shocking as described by Robert Wilson. Though I have to admit that it goes a little bit too much into details of a relationship between two people. In the grand setting of the events taking place,Wilson seems to spend too much time with the emotions of two key characters. At least that is what I felt.

There is quite nice science fiction in it, but it is weaved so deep into social observations and emotional challenges of characters, it takes some thinking to realize this. I think Wilson choose not to use certain aspects of his own setting, which would have produced a more interesting book, but the results are quite impressive anyway. Verdict: certainly worth reading.