Good bye Google Chrome

When Google announced Chrome, I was excited, especially due to performance advantages. Those advantages still exist as of today, and Firefox is becoming more of a bloated software, or at least it feels that way. For a while, Chrome has been my primary browser, since its performance is really good.

However, I realized that I can’t simply accept the usage of tabs in Chrome. It forces you to go through all tabs from left to right, and that is simply horrible for someone like me, who works with 30+ tabs regularly. There are no proper tab plugins to provide the kind of functionality that is provided by tabmix plus. Also there are minor but annoying problems in various web sites, some of which actually stopped me from buying stuff online.

So Chrome is gone for the moment, and I’m back to my old browser: Firefox. I’ll miss the performance, but it simply does not suit my usage, and it does not provide the necessary customization options.