It is 2010, and Microsoft is still not getting the web.

Dear Microsoft,

My university, University College London, had an agreement with you to move our e-mail addresses to I usually work with up to 30, or more tabs in my browser. Regardless of the browser, as of 2010, I can in no way, bother to find a particular tab, and I simply open a new one, if I’m in a hurry.

Your web page for e-mail management, does not let me open another tab, even in another browser instance of the same browser. It says: you already have this page open, go find it, and use that one.

Are you kidding me? How did your project/product manager explained this to you? Seriously. Is this your understanding of exploiting the advantages of web? Unless I’m missing something here, this is a very, very big mistake.

Regardless of my browser (which is a modern and widely used one), this is simply unacceptable.