Dear Google, I am not my mother!

Yes, I know that you people at Google want to make sure that even my mom can easily use your products, and for your search engine, that is definitely a possibility. However, when it comes to browsers, Google Chrome is way, way too simplified for anyone who’d like to use it for daily work.I am  a developer, a PhD student and many other things, and most of my hats require me to use the web all day. I use tabs, I love tabs, I can’t understand how we used the web browsers without tabs (thanks to Opera, who did this first), but tabs have also evolved in time.For any slightly experienced user, the configuration of tab behaviour matters a lot. For some reason, Google people are not letting plugin developers (called extensions for Chrome by the way) to tap into that functionality.Just so you know, this hurts. This is the only thing that makes me remember that I am  more productive with Firefox. Please, for whatever reason you’re doing this, reconsider your approach.  Apple also makes things very simple for users, but one way or another, they manage to provide power along with simplicity, and when it comes to managing features, you can learn a thing or two from them.