The title is simple, but means a lot for me at the moment. I've moved to London for starting a PhD in University College London, CHIME. It took a a lot of steps, it took quite a lot of time, and there is a lot that must be done here.  This is a short entry, … Continue reading London

OpenVPN, lessons learned

I've just setup OpenVPN on a windows xp machine, and found out that there are both good and bad sides of it. Good thing is; if you do not deviate from the well known scenario, follow the howtos, you'll mostly make it fairly easily on windows. Bad thing is; I rarely stay within well known … Continue reading OpenVPN, lessons learned

What is the definition of “user friendly” for a doctor?

Ok, this is really an interesting one. In medical informatics, one challenge that never seems to be conquered is providing a user interface that will not make a doctor grumble. No matter how hard you try, you almost always here the comment: "this is not so easy to use...". Medical professionals seem to be very … Continue reading What is the definition of “user friendly” for a doctor?

Too much flexibility hurts, really…

Eclipse supports more than one way of referencing libraries, for example MyEclipse hibernate support adds related jars in a separate item which is not in referenced libraries. You see another item in the package explorer under your project. The result? Almost always, Google Web Toolkit refuses to load these libraries. Apparently the best thing to … Continue reading Too much flexibility hurts, really…