openEHR for policymakers

As of end of 2018, I’ve been working on openEHR for almost 15 years, beginning with my exposure to openEHR archetypes during a European Union research project, around 2003 or so.

During these fifteen years, I tried to explain my (sometimes incorrect at the time) understanding of openEHR to many people who occupied various positions: junior software developers, product managers, general managers, investors, academics, ministers of health, marketing professionals. It would be a long list.

Looking back, I can see that I have not been able to articulate some key points clearly when I was talking to policy makers. That is, people who get to cast a vote or make a decision when it comes to choosing how to use technology in healthcare.

This post is an attempt to focus on aspects of openEHR that are relevant to policy makers, but it should be of interest to many people in other roles since we’re all affected by the decisions of policy makers as patients, if not as people in other roles in healthcare(IT).Read More »