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I have been working in the software industry for about 24 years now. I was lucky, I had the opportunity to work on many interesting projects, using a large variety of tools and technologies.

I have been working in healthcare informatics for almost 20 years now. I had the privilege of working at large healthcare information technology vendors, and at the moment I am the tech lead of Ocean Health Systems, quite possibly the best company in the electronic health records business.  I have a PhD in health informatics. My thesis is on the integration of a particular type of machine learning approach with the openEHR EHR standard.

I am actually an economist, and I still have not given up on dreams of not writing code, once I can find someone who would write it for me. In case you want to contact me, you can use the following mail : serefarikan /at\ gmail.com

Click here for Linkedin profile

For twitter, it is https://twitter.com/SerefArikan

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