Netbeans: I apologize

Ok, this was not expected, but it appears that Netbeans is about to present the best Ruby on Rails ide to the market. I have been using Netbeans for about 5 years now, and for the last 2 years I have only set it up for J2ME development. It appears that Netbeans team has been working very hard, since what I saw in Netbeans 6 Milestone 10 is very, very promising

I have been struggling with Aptana for my Rails development, and I can not say I am happy. I am a huge fan of Eclipse, even though I see a lot of people who hate it, but for Rails, Aptana has failed to give me what I expected. When you look at the specs, Aptana seems to have all that you might need, however when it comes to working with it, little problems keep coming up, which bugs me after some time. For example snippets are supposed to make life easier for you, and when you’re constantly typing things like <%= @bla.each…. they surely are useful. Aptana made me crazy about these existing but not working features like code snippets. There are a lot people out there who seems to be happy with it, but for me, it usually did not work as expected

Netbeans 6 on the other hand, looks very promising. It has almost that I can wish for, (fast-debug being a very important one) and it’s going towards a direction in which I can see Jruby, java libraries and Rails together. Now add a decent ide with many nice features to it, and we might have a very interesting setup for enterprise development.

If you are in continuous search for a Rails ide like me, I suggest that you give Netbeans 6 a try.

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